Why you need to fix your windscreen as soon as possible

  • 21 May 2014
  • Abel Glass Motueka

Believe it or not, having a broken or chipped windscreen is a cause for concern. Not only is it extremely annoying, it can also pose a danger to you and your passengers. Therefore, you should act now before you put yourself and your family at risk.

Broken or chipped windscreen repairs at Abel Glass Motueka

The windscreen of your car, or any vehicle for that matter, protects you from the elements, it keeps rain, heat, snow and wind away.  The windscreen also acts as a shield against debris and bugs while you’re on the road.

It can even support the framework of your vehicle, and in case of an accident, it can help prevent you and your passengers from being ejected from your car. The most obvious danger of having a cracked windscreen is that it reduces driver visibility.

And if something hits the windscreen while you’re driving, especially at high speed, you run the risk of having shattered glass rain all over you.  So if you don’t want this to happen we would suggest getting your windscreen repaired as soon as possible.

If the damage to the windscreen is severe, you may need to get auto glass replacement and have the windscreen changed entirely. But if the windscreen is only chipped, you don’t have to worry, there many different types of repairs available for your damaged glass.

One of the best things about getting windscreen repairs these days is that you don’t have to wait that long to get back on the road. To avoid compromising your safety is it better to wait a couple of hours and have your windscreen fixed than to ignore the problem and drive around town with a broken windshield.

If you do require a replacement and not just a minor windscreen repair, experts suggest that you avoid driving your vehicle for at least one hour after the glass is fitted. This is to make sure that the sealant will set properly and that the windscreen is bonded safely to your vehicle.

So check your windscreen, and if you see any damage you should call a repair specialist or Abel Glass Motueka immediately.

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Abel Glass Motueka exceeds customer requirements with attention to detail from beginning to completion. Their expertise includes broken window repairs, windscreen repairs & replacements, all insurance work, cat doors, mirrors, table tops, shower screens, balustrades, glass splashbacks and much more. Glass is cut to size by experienced tradesmen and installed with professionalism. 

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